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 Thank you for taking some time to read my blog. As I'm sure it is with you, life is busy for me. 

While it's been several weeks since my last post, I wanted to let you know that I have five posts in the works. 

These forthcoming posts are earthquake scenarios for five of the potentially biggest "big ones" projected to strike the contiguous United States.

No, these scenarios are not fictional case studies. Nor are they hyped up Hollywood-style disaster stories.

These earthquake scenarios are based on projected risks and cost estimations made by state and federal experts. These experts use knowledge and experience from what is known about earthquake risks and hazards, often through historical and similar event references, in an effort to best calculate the potential and expected damage an earthquake or a projected magnitude will cause in an area.

It's not if and earthquake strikes but when, how hard, and how might it affect the area. 

Some of the scenarios are based on information that is over a decade old. Other information is more recent. From what I can discover, the expected and projected effects in older scenarios is still considered relevant, with the only real difference being the big one will likely affect a larger population and more infrastructure.

These scenarios are what I find interesting, particularly when it comes to preparedness. It is from my research of these large earthquake scenarios that I learned one of the most important pieces of preparedness is being water prepared. Of all critical infrastructure, culinary water delivery is among the most susceptible to having problems as the result of an earthquake and it is often expected to take the longest to restore.

Other areas of preparedness are important, but water too often takes a lower priority.

In the aftermath of a disaster the aid lines for getting drinking water are expected.

After the volcanic eruption in Tonga this past weekend, with the tsunami and related damage, lots of aid is getting shipped to that country but one of the greatest needs is drinkable water.

Update 16 February 2022, the last two weeks two scenarios have been posted.

San Francisco Earthquake Scenario

San Andreas Earthquake Scenario

Update 6 April 2022, another scenario was added. This one has a little more information because there seems to be more research freely available and it would literally hit closer to home for me.

Wasatch Fault (Salt Lake City) Earthquake Scenario

Two more scenarios are in the works...


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